Oops…Kinda Fell Off The Track a Little Bit There

Last week posted about resolutions, goals, and all that good stuff.

And then failed in keeping to my new goals for longer than a week. And not even a full week. I mean, come on, what is up with that?

Well, I actually do know what was up with that. My head is in a very bad place last week. But I’m not gonna touch that right now with a fifty foot pole. Nope. Not gonna happen.

Next week will have to be better. Lil Miss already has twenty new words in her reading vocabulary done, which is quite the accomplishment and she’s done really good with fractions. I count that one week of hard (HA! as if) homeschooling as a win. Last week was more about learning her school apps. She’s already mastered most of those but it’s good practice for her.

Amazon Underground has been a life saver there. I’ll post next week more about that (so keep an eye out). So much good stuff there that makes my life much easier.

I’ve decided I’m do a more personal journal on my Facebook page. They will be in the notes section. I want to be more personal there and try to keep things more of the help and share variety here.

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New Year, New Rules


Everyone knows the truth: New Year’s Resolutions are made and broken within the first two weeks of the new year. Sad, but true.

You promise to lose ten pounds, get on a schedule, start a savings account. And then you never stick to the plan…

newyearsresolutionsI’m here to tell you why. Because you made a promise. You know that old saying, ‘promises are meant to be broken.’ Well, that tends to be true. Promises are always being broken, whether big or small, they get broken no matter how hard you try. ┬áBut that’s okay…broken promises have a way of showing you the path you need to be on.Read More »