ALLi Indie Author Fringe Event

As promised, I am going to give my views on the ALLi Author Fringe Event, events I participated in, and my personal thoughts on what I learned/didn’t learn.

**Usually I do not attend my husband’s band practices, using that time as personal me time that I never get, but yesterday I did (and got a really scary/good/confusing  offer), so I had to do the conference on Sunday (today). Makes it a little easier because I can scroll right past those events that do not interest me or pertain to me, such as non-fiction things.**
*photo owned by ALLi*

If you do not know, the ALLi Author Fringe Event is on online, 24-hour conference for writers by writers. It is free, for anyone. You just have to register. The em
ail you provide is necessary to giveaways. Usually it is held during the month of March. This event is held in person 3 times a year in April, May, and October (London, America, Frankfurt respectively).

A few guest speakers are Orna Ross (ALLi creator), Joanna Penn, KM Weiland, Adam Croft, and many many others. These are industry professionals who have been where you are, know what to look for, and are a huge help to any author/aspiring author out there.

The Fringe Event is one of my must-attend conferences for writers that I look forward to every single year because there is so much information provided to you by other indie/self-published writers who have been exactly where I am now and want to be. Whether it be editing, cover design, publishing process, beta readers…there is something for every single stage of self-publishing/writing and for all genres.

These are the events I attended, and keep in mind I was able to skip some of the events because I attended the day after when everything was said and done. These are just a few of the events I ‘attended’.

And there are many other events related to editing, nonfiction, publishing, audio books, etc.

I always look forward to the Fringe Event because you get information you don’t easily find anywhere else. People don’t usually look at audio books as an option, but it could give you another stream of income that you really need. Think you know everything about cover design? Think again. There is always something new to learn, as publishing/self-publishing is an ever growing and ever-changing business.

Last year I took an entire 50 pages of notes, this year I just sat and listened and plan on going back later when I have more time to take notes. When I get that done I will share the pics on Twitter and Facebook.

Unfortunately, by the time I post this, the giveaways will be closed (but not as I am writing). BUT each event usually has a giveaway or discount for a sponsor’s services. Entry to the giveaways are usually tweets, Facebook likes, click, click, click things and you get a few entries depending on what you do. Then when the giveaway is over they will pick a winner(s) and email the person with the email given at registration. Then you follow whatever steps they give you.

Last year I won 2 giveaways and got some books, fiction not writing/self-publishing related and a mention in the winners newsletter. It’s far too early to know if I won anything this year, but it’s a neat little incentive and something to look forward to.

If you missed this year’s Fringe event, do not despair! The videos are all on the ALLi blog site and available to anyone who wants to check it out. The giveaways and comments are closed, but still there is no reason not to check it out.


Here’s The Truth

If you have noticed at all, I haven’t really posted anything the past few weeks. I was feeling really exhausted and sick for a while there. And then I figured out why.

I had my second miscarriage since November. If you know me at all, my Lil Miss is my life. My absolute love. It almost killed me when I was trying to pregnant with her. I had a few miscarriages then. Now that we are trying for baby number 2, I honestly don’t want to go through that kind of turmoil again.

I am the type of person to love easily and to where my heart on my sleeve. These miscarriages have ripped me up from the inside out, plus, I’m having to hide what it’s doing to me so it doesn’t affect my husband and child. Lil Miss has been asking for a sibling for years and now I feel like a failure because I can’t give her the thing that only I can give her. Husband is understanding and is okay with how I feel.

But it still hurts. And I’m so disappointed in myself for not trying harder. But my mental health is important as well.

That driving need to take care of everyone and make sure that their happiness comes first is tearing me apart, though. I can’t do both, not in this situation.

I have 3 choices: keep trying and deal with it. Go to a doctor. Or give up.

And I am not a quitter. I hate that word.

I also hate myself a little for being scared of more miscarriages when there are others out there who can’t have any children either by injury or birth, disease or illness. My problems seem like small potatoes to those people, my heart cries for them. I was lucky enough to have Lil Miss and to see her everyday, to love her every moment. I am so grateful for her. I know I was lucky and am fortunate when there are others who can’t have the same experiences.

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sorry for the rambling. But I wanted to keep you in the loop and make sure you understood that I’m not slacking on purpose. I swear to it.

There will be reviews posted next week, and on Monday will be a special post on the ALLi Author Fringe Event that starts tomorrow morning at 10 am. If you don’t know this is a free, online writer’s conference that runs for a full 24 hours. No matter where you are in your writing/publishing journey there is something for you at this event. I did last year’s event and loved it. I even won a few of the giveaways. (Not sure if there will be any this year, but you should still do it.) Registration is free!!! So don’t miss out!