Review: Wait For The Rain by Maria Murnane

Wait For The RainWFTR final cover

By: Maria Murnane
Genre: Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Fiction
Published: Feb. 24, 2015
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Daphne White is staring down the barrel of forty—and is distraught at what she sees. Her ex-husband is getting remarried, her teenage daughter hardly needs her anymore, and the career she once dreamed about has somehow slipped from her grasp. She’s almost lost sight of the spirited and optimistic young woman she used to be.

As she heads off to a Caribbean island to mark the new decade with her best friends from college, Daphne’s in anything but the mood to celebrate. But when she meets Clay Hanson, a much younger man, she ignores her inner voice warning her that she’s too old for a fling. In fact, this tropical getaway might be the perfect opportunity to picture her future in a new sun-drenched light.

With the help of her friends, Daphne rediscovers her enthusiasm for life, as well as her love for herself—and realizes that her best years are still ahead.

My Review:
Ever wonder what’s on the other side of a closed door? Is the happily married couple really as happy as they project? Did your neighbor’s marriage end because someone was cheating or did they just grow apart? Is the woman who wears the smiling mask hiding the same insecurities as you?

Wait For The Rain is, in a word, a glimpse. Have you ever noticed that when people talk about being divorced it’s because they were cheated on? Not in this book. It’s all about a woman who married too soon and lost herself to that marriage. Now, two years after the marriage ended she’s still dealing with the grief of a failed marriage, a stagnant life, and hopes & dreams put completely on hold simply to make something work.

**if you ever have to force something to work, it will fail.**

This is one of the books can be a helping hand if you’re ever in a situation like this, or similar. I think a lot of people make compromises for the lives they lead, giving up or making excuses simply because it’s easier. But what do you lose in the process?

So let’s get analytical. There are three friends meeting up on St. Mirica island for a turning 40 reunion. Daphne, the MC, hasn’t told her friends the extent of her emotions, or the fact that her newly ex-husband is getting remarried. She’s having to deal with that on top of jealousy of the new wife (she would have to share her daughter with this woman now, something many people deal with daily). Next up we have Skylar, the strong, confident business woman who lives life her way and no one else’s. Finally we have sweet, bubbly, KC. She’s a tiny little dynamo who is definitely a yes! girl.

Each of the characters presents a very different personality, values, and views of life that once in a while intersect before veering off again. There is definitely someone you can relate to in this book.

Daphne is the poor lost soul we follow throughout the story. She is often presented with little words of wisdom, people, and situations that help her remember who she was before she gave all that up for her marriage, providing the proverbial dusting rag to the reflection beneath all the mess.

Whenever you question a feeling or doubt, a situation, if you’ve failed as a parent or in you career…this is definitely one of those books that can help give you a little insight. It cannot give you the answers, but it can put you on the right path if you read between the lines for the message.

2afa0-5star5 stars.

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About the Author:Maria-6-smaller
Maria Murnane spent several years working in high-tech PR before deciding she needed a change. She quit her job and went to Argentina by herself for what was supposed to be a two-week trip before figuring out what to do next. Instead, she ended up staying for a year to play semi-professional soccer, and while down there she also decided to write a humorous novel called Perfect on Paper based on her experiences as a single woman in San Francisco. Fast forward a few years, and she’s now the best-selling author of the Waverly Bryson series (Perfect on Paper, It’s a Waverly Life, Honey on Your Mind, Chocolate for Two), as well as Cassidy LaneKatwalkWait for the Rain, and Bridges. Learn more at

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