Self-Publishers- Valid or Nah?

Let me give it to you straight…being a writer is hard. Getting published is even harder. Out of 100 queries, you may get five (I repeat, 5) positive responses back.

Anybody can be a writer, but being a good writer, a valid writer that one of the Big 5 publishers will take on, is harder to do than licking your own elbow.


That’s one of the main reasons I chose to go the path of self-publishing. I want my books read, even if only by one person. I dealt with flat out rejection from dealing with college scholarships. I know what that feels like. I refuse to go down that road again.

There are two types of readers out there: book lovers and book snobs. Book lovers are those who will read whatever book they fancy, in any format they prefer, or in my case, is readily available. Book snobs are those who will read one genre, by a select few authors, from only traditional publishers.

I am a book lover. I don’t care who published what. I will read it. If it’s bad, I’ll still read it because that author put so much hard work into their project. If it’s self-published, even better. They did what an entire team of people do at a traditional publishing company.

Being self-published shouldn’t be a con on anyone’s list. Did you know self-published writers not only write their own books, but also edit and format? Revise and rewrite? Design the cover? Plan and execute marketing? Sure, these things can be vetted out to freelancers, but the self-published author still has to find these professionals, follow a budget, build a relationship. And plan, plan, plan. My God, the planning.

Some authors have ten thousand dollars to get top notch everything, and that is great for them. But there are others, like me, who have to get really creative to afford any kind of professionalism.

Writing is easy. Anyone can put words to a page. But a good writer, any worth reading, is a skill. It is a talent that many have, but few can execute. It doesn’t matter who or what published them. Nothing and no one has any right to tell an author they are not valid.

Self-published authors have to wear many hats alongside that of author/writer. Editor, cover designer, formatting, printing, marketing/PR, sales. And a dozen more after the fact. To consider these authorprenours as invalid is an injustice.

I can only give you a taste of what self-published authors have to go through. I cannot tell you how hard and stressful doing all of these jobs at once is. But I love it. This is what I have chosen to do with my life. If you think for one second that being self-published will make me any less valid or good as those under a traditional publisher, then take a second and look at this….

Just so you know, these are all books that started out as self-publsihed. Take that, book snobs.


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