Review: You Don’t Know Me by Faleena Hopkins

You Don’t Know Meyoudontknowmecover

Author: Faleena Hopkins
Genre: NA/romance
Release Date: August 17, 2015
Publisher: Hop Hop Publications

Is fame and money a blessing when it comes with the news that your whole life has been a lie?

Rue’s deceased mother kinda ‘fibbed’ about who her real father was. Big time.

On her 21st birthday she learns the truth by way of a $55,000,000.00 inheritance from a man she never got the chance to know.

Even more shocking? The two famous brothers Rue’s been reading about in magazines all her life are suddenly family.

Jack and Sean Stone aren’t happy to meet their new secret sister. And their mom? She had no idea the nanny and her husband had a little girl, long ago.

But when Jack sicks his rockstar best friend Alec Gabriel on her to see if she’s a good girl, or bad, did he ever expect what would happen?

The whole world is watching to see what Rue Calliwell will do with all that cash.

***NOTE: There is cussing and sex in this. Mature readers only. While there is romance in this stand-alone novel, it’s also very much about family, especially siblings. Enjoy! “You Don’t Know Me” was previously published under the author’s pen name as “Stand Close,” and was repackaged when she came out of the steamy-romance-writing-closet.

My Review:

As written in the blurb, this is not a romance. There is romance, but that isn’t the main focus of this book. It’s all about the family love. And I am so happy about that. It was a really nice change of pace. 

People love any kind of romance and that means if you like those types of books other kinds of relationships tend to be lost on the reader. But the familial love in YDKM is the main focus. The MC finds out she is the daughter of a huge Hollywood mogul and she has 2 extremely famous brothers. Plus a fortune she was literally blackballed into accepting.

This opens up a whole lot of questions of motivation, who is this person, money, and who these people are in the media and in real-life.

The MC ends up questioning who she is and what type of person she becomes since the big revelation. Brother #1 vows to make her life hell, and I think that’s more out of anger towards his now deceased father for what he did, rather than this girl who has been thrust into their life, very publicly, I might add. Brother 2 is more accepting and that comes from him having to hide who he truly is. And last but not least we have the love interest. So much temptation and yet so empty. I can barely remember him except that he is the quintessential bad boy celebrity we find in most books. Not very memorable, in my opinion.

But the romance isn’t why I picked this book. I have my own problems with brothers and I wanted to see how this author would treat this relationship. And I loved it. 

The brothers are complete opposites in their reaction and treatment of the situation. You can’t help but be angry with one and pity the other. One can be exactly who he is while the other has to hide behind a fake persona.

YDKM goes so much further than just some romance. It delves into a tumultuous sibling rivalry and forces people to look at themselves and how they treat other people, act around other people, and how they perceive themselves.

There is intrigue, love, heartbreak, fear, hate, anger…This one has it all giving readers what they want and some of what they didn’t know they wanted.

I wanted to throw this book across the room, hug it to my chest in glee, cry over the pages. So many emotions.

5 Stars 2afa0-5star

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About the Author

Faleena Hopkins is a big fan of werewolves, love, redemption, and drinking a delicious glass of red wine while howling under the moon, any moon, full or not. She’s an actress and director, too, and is currently turning one of her stories into a feature film, which she’ll produce independently. If you’d like to learn more about how you can help, or just to stay involved and follow the process, go to her website.



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