Blogs That Have Helped Me Grow as a Writer

Blogs. A phase that seems to never end. And that’s a good thing. Blogs help us, everyday people, learn new things, share in experiences, share stories, and relate to other people.


As a writer, we are always looking for things in blogs. Relatable stories, articles on how to write a scene where a character dies, tips for staying motivated. The list goes on and on and on. These blogs make us feel so much better, knowing that we are not the only ones who stay up until 4 am staring at a blank document trying to get the words on paper.

I’m going to share with you my TOP 3 favorite blogs for writers.

1.She’s Novel


  • How-to articles from planning to publishing
  • Easy sign-up and members only Facebook Group
    • As a member, I love this group. It has been so helpful to not only me but the other members as well. They are so supportive and encouraging. Something you really need as a writer.
  • Access to planning/writing/marketing materials
  • Easy to navigate site
  • Beautifully put together
  • Free and paid writing courses

She’s Novel is run by Kristin Keiffer, fantasy author and writing coach. I’ve been hanging around the She’s Novel blog for maybe a year to a year and half. I have received so much help from Kristin and the work she does. Her articles are all free, and she has free writing courses and resources. When you’re as broke as I am, free is the first thing I have to look for.

As of writing this, She’s Novel will be going through a change. On Jan. 31 2017, just a few short weeks away, She’s Novel will be integrated with Kristin’s author blog and becoming Well-Storied. All resources, articles, and blog posts will still be there but instead of being in two different places, it will all be in place.

It is free to sign-up, with some paid (very affordable) courses, and by signing up you can get an invitation to the private Facebook Group. Very much worth it, I promise you.


2. YeahWrite!


  • Home of the 52 Stories (weekly prompts)
  • Writing advice and inspiration
  • Work-shoppers-direct links to Tumblr users who want to read your work, give you feedback, maybe even editing tips if you find the right person

The past year has been more of an autopilot year for the author of this site, but I still love it and frequent it often. She has stated the site will be undergoing some changes now that she is back, but what those changes are, I’m not sure. Regardless, I’m a lifer with this site. The site is very Tumblr like, prompts and posts presented in the popular tile format, but I like that about this site. It’s visually appealing, simple, and everything is easy to find right there at the top of the page. There is no sign-up necessary.


3. Writer’s Fun Zonewritersfunzone

  • Articles for planning, writing, editing, publishing, and marketing a novel/book
  • More in-depth and detail oriented articles, such as antagonists, world-building, etc.
  • Guest-authors/writers
  • Paid courses, reasonably priced
  • Resources, free and paid/ebooks
  • Writing Coach

Beth Barany is an amazing woman. I say this because she was the first author to ever let me review their book (library books don’t count). Not only this, but she was encouraging, helpful, and when I needed the advice she was there. Not just for my writing but as a person as well. I love using Writer’s Fun Zone for all of the tips and tricks. I could read hundreds of articles on the same thing, but it is her articles that go deeper. Beth runs the writing coach side of things with her husband, who is also a writer. There is so much on her site, but I found it well-organized and easy to access. So go sign-up for those oh-so-helpful articles you know you want.


There you have it! My Top 3 most helpful blogs for writers. There hundreds more out there, so share in the comments some blogs you love and why!


*Images/logos/banners are property of their individual creators and owners. I have used them here to help you make sure you link out to the right place.*


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